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Floor Polishing Perth

No matter how bad the condition of your timber floors are, we have the skills and equipment to make them shine once more. Our Perth timber floor coating specialists will add a new dimension to your home with a stunning timber look.

After we sand the floorboards, we can't just leave the timber exposed. That would cause the wood to wear down even faster and allow dirt and water to corrode the timber fibers. That's why our floor polishing team give it a coat of polish.

Each timber floor and type of wood needs different treatment. It depends on where it's located, how many people walk over it every day and many other factors. We use timber floor coatings from several different manufacturers as needed, to get the best results for your specific needs.

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Available Polish Finishes - Return the shine

Bona Floor Finishes

Bona launched its first range of waterborne finishes in 1980. This is one of the most well recognised names for this type of timber floor coating. We particularly like the high standards it meets for non-toxic VOCs. Coming in at less than 10% of volume for volatile organic compound solvent content, this meets a very strict world standard.

At the last survey, Bona was used in over 70 countries. If you ask any timber floor coating professional what coating they prefer to use, they will likely mention Bona first.

Wittle Wax Coatings

Timber floor coatings from Whittle Waxes are great for heritage listed buildings, wet areas and areas that have a lot of people walking on them. They are great for offices and restaurants. Once you put them on, there is a particular maintenance schedule that you follow to keep them working properly. Once every so often you get us out with our buffing machine. We apply a new layer of the coat, run the buffing machine and the floor is ready to go. We can do this at a time that suits you, which is particularly handy if it's in an area that is open for business every day. Once the floor has been properly sanded and the right Whittle Wax floor coating is applied, you might not need to get the area aggressively sanded again, which will save you time and money.

Polycure Coatings

Polycure is an Australian company based out of New South Wales. As the name suggests, they have a particular focus on polyurethane timber floor coatings. These are perfect for things like sports floors (think basketball courts and indoor soccer pitches) and high traffic areas. They have a wide range of products that are essential in the Australian floor sanding professional's toolbox.

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