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Timber Floor Sanding Perth - Refinishing & Floor Polishing

At Allen Brothers, we specialise in timber floor sanding and floor polishing in Perth.

After several years, the timbers of your floorboards lose their polish. In high traffic areas, the coating wears down quicker and can become damaged from dropping things on it, walking in high heels or football boots, dragging heavy things across it or any of the various ways people find. If this happens, you can't expect to put a coat of varnish on the wood and everything will be ok. You need to get a Perth floor sanding professional in with heavy machinery to strip back the remaining parts of the coat, fill in the holes, treat the wood to preserve its ability to repel water and then recoat the area. Unless you have the right equipment, you risk doing damage to the hardwood. If damaged too badly, you'll have to replace the planks, which is a lot more expensive.

Floor sanding will increase the life of the boards while bringing out its former beauty. A lot of the houses built after World War II have incredible Jarrah. Many people cover it with carpet, which makes us very sad. They have this masterpiece and they cover it with a cheap rug. If you suspect this could have happened at your place, please call us and we can check. It is probably restorable, which will greatly enhance the value of your property and enjoyment while living there.

Is it ok for my wooden floorboards to be sanded?

A timber floor can usually be sanded and refinished several times before it needs replacing. We will be able to give you a better idea when we come to do a floor sanding quote. Most of the time, damage to floors from high heels or dropping heavy objects is repairable, but we'll also let you know if it's gone too far. Make sure you point out any really bad patches, especially if they're under furniture.

Why do floors need sanding?

The main reasons people get timber floors is to:

Should you do it yourself?

If you hold the belt sander on the wrong angle, or go over an area too much, you can cause irreparable damage. Getting a perfectly smooth surface takes a lot of concentration and skill, which we have developed over decades of doing this. For something as important as your floor, we really don't think people without the proper training or tools should perform floor sanding. Imagine if you sanded an area so thinly that you fell through it?

What is the difference between most flooring contractors and the best floor sanding companies?

Most floor sanding companies will do a half decent job. However, the best will make repairs virtually invisible and they will need to take a lot less off the top of the wood to get the same result. This means the flooring can be resanded and refinished more times, leading to a lower long term cost. The resulting look is also a lot better when you hire the best floor sanding team in Perth.

How long does it take?

Depending on how large the area that needs doing, how much furniture needs moving, how many repairs are required and how "fiddly" the job is, it could take from a day or two up to a week or more. At Allen Brothers Flooring, we pride ourselves on giving accurate estimates up front and sticking pretty closely to those estimates. If things change, we'll keep you informed.

How much does it cost?

Again the answer to this is that floor sanding prices depend on a lot of factors, including:

  • type of wood,
  • surface area,
  • hours of labour required,
  • use of the floor and
  • types of coatings applied
Can floor sanding be done any time of the year?

We're pretty luck here in Perth that floor sanding work can be done most of the year round. We don't have the extreme cold or humidity of other parts of the world. If it's likely to rain while we're working and you have a lot of furniture that has to go outside, that might be a consideration, but that's a fairly rare situation.

What machines are used?

There are typically three timber floor sanding machines used:

  • a big belt sander,
  • an edger and
  • a buffing machine

Different grits on the sander are used to remove the old coating, to quickly even out the wood, then progressively finer grains to get that smooth finish.

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Installing a new hardwood floor is a big investment especially because they tend to last the lifetime of the house. Different types of timber floors suit different styles of house and different woods require different levels of floor sanding. One of the most common mistakes is applying the wrong method to the wood, which results in an uneven grain. We have over 25 years experience in installation, repair and maintenance and know how to deliver a professional floor sanding job every time.


We offer a complete scope of timber floor repairs and restorations ranging from filling & patching to complete replacement of wooden planks. We are very experienced at restoring older timber floors to close to their original state. These need an especially delicate touch so you don't risk damaging an area that has seen several generations. If you contact us about it, we can come out, assess the surfaces and give you a quote to fix it up. We love these older places because a good floor restoration can greatly improve how they look and feel.


Like carpets or vinyl, over time the areas you walk on regularly can become damaged and worn down during normal everyday use. It's important to take good care of your floorboards as they are a lifetime investment. When it's time to repair these areas, remember to call us. We offer a free onsite quote throughout Perth and will always provide you with various floor sanding options and complete costing.

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